Manage security for your business inside a single app

Theia, by Convergence, is an eXtended Detection & Response (XDR) system designed specifically for cloud-based Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) and delivered at a price they can afford.


Security For Everyone

On-Tap Expertise

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Is the Theia App For Me?

If I am…                                         

An IT Admin
A Business Owner
Just Looking Around

IT Administrators


As a systems admin for a small business, you’re already stretched thin. With Theia from Convergence Systems, you’ll spend (far) less time doing security and simple access administration, leaving you with able to focus on the more involved and critical tasks.

By streamlining your BAU operations, your company will remain more secure, and you’ll have less pointless admin. At the click of a button, you’ll be able to provide or revoke access to critical cloud applications and assets.

A Business Owner


Running a business is hard enough. You likely didn’t envisage playing Systems Adminsistrator to your staff to control their access to all the various applications they need to do their jobs each day…

Now with Theia, you can maintain control with a few simple clicks, and have a team of cyber experts backing you up.

Just Looking


So, you’re likely a start-up and think you can’t afford an XDR solution for your seven people. With Theia, you can. And by doing so, you’re avoiding the pitfall that cybersecurity can pose to a fledgling organisation.

For a few dollars a month, you can streamline your IT efforts by adopting the cloud early and safely. Be more efficient, and without cutting corners in terms of security.

Improve Security in Seconds for a Few Dollars a month

Every detection provides the user with a clear, no-jargon, explanation and a suggested resolution they can implement at the push of a button.

Normally, you’d need to be running numerous tools to achieve a fraction of what Theia provides out of the box. With one simple solution, you can control the access and overall security options for each of your cloud applications through a single pane of glass.

It makes no sense to spend every dollar you earn protecting every dollar you earn.

Our intuitive user interface means that you can control everything without needing to even look at documentation. You’ll tighten the security for every user in your entire organisation for the cost of a coffee each month.

Helping Mid-Sized Companys Grow Securely

Continuous Monitoring

An automated security review cycle that continuously monitors for vulnerabilities

Easy Enforcement

Apply best practice cyber security settings at the click of a button

Clear Status

Tell, at a glance, how well each cloud system is secured and where attention is needed 

Incident Detection

Theia continuously analyses thousands of log events to detect signs of unwanted activity that would otherwise go unnoticed

Informed Decisions

Each detection is rated for its severity and the recommended action steps towards a proper resolution

Take Control

When an employee leaves, remove their access to every single system in your organisation with a single button

Stay Ahead with Convergence

Our regular content provides quick and actionable advice for small businesses to improve their security fast & inexpensively.

Remove the Admin Burden of SMB IT

A successful cyber defence requires a multitude of skills across multiple technology platforms, requiring expensive dedicated cybersecurity staff.

Theia reduces the need for dedicated technology staff by providing quick access and easy to protect against many of the threats that face small businesses.


Secure Your Business as your Company Grows

As large enterprises mature and evolve their cyber defences, cyber criminals globally are shifting their focus to SMBs because they’re both vulnerable and plentiful.

Kind Words From Some of Our Clients

“The team at Convergence Systems have developed something unique in Theia. As our organisation grows, I can see that we’re genuinely safer, and that provides a great deal of assurance to not only my team, but to the organisations with whom we work.”

Cam Perry

Chief Operations Officer, TMFE

“Theia’s user-friendly interface and easy enforcement of cyber security settings ensure a high level of security effortlessly.  Convergence Systems is a game-changer in security for SMBs, and I highly recommend Theia XDR.”

Renee Thomas

Senior Data Engineer

Theia is the ultimate solution for small businesses striving to stay more secure. It helps protect our business effortlessly and improve security for just a few dollars per user each month, and without needing to get another service provider in constantly.

Jason Espinosa

Director & Business Owner