About Us

Our Core Values

Security, Provided Transparently

We provide true security for Small to Medium Businesses without the jargon, and without promoting fear – just actionable steps

Value, Not Revenue

Too may security solutions provide too little actual protection for what they charge. We’re different

Elegant Simplicity

We simplify, we don’t dumb down. We don’t believe in hiding behind a veil of jargon, and instead share knowledge with 100% transparency

Your Growth is our Success

Our job is to do everything we can to ensure you outgrow us. By taking on the responsibility of keeping you safe, you’re free to grow

Security For Everyone

On-Tap Expertise

24/7 Support

Our Leadership Team

Adam O’Donnell


Cyber Security Executive, Special Forces Team Commander,
TEDx Speaker

Matthew Bullers


Strategic Partnerships Manager, Certified International Negotiator, Infantry Officer

Remy Coll


Cyber Security Assessor, Signals Intelligence Security Architect, Army Cyber Operations Commander

Kristina Barilo


Financial Analysis Specialist, Army Logistics Officer, Experienced Defence Industry Manager

The Convergence
Growth Story

We’re a team of warrior geeks who believe that the role of the strong is to protect the vulnerable. That belief took us, as individuals serving in the military, into the thick of the fight. Whether it was rescuing children from bushfires, targeting terrorists or responding to major cyber breaches – we loved what we were called to do and we did it well.

Moving on from military life, that same belief, coupled with a love of technology, brought us together in the world of cyber security where we worked with large enterprises and government agencies to defend not just their systems but our way of life against those who would steal, undermine and destroy – we loved what we were brought together to do and we did it well.

But there was a problem. Just like in the military, we were tackling an opponent who adapted and improvised in their desire to overcome – and they adapted fast! As we rallied to defend our critical infrastructure and the systems our society depends upon, they shifted their attention to the soft underbelly – small and medium business. As we spoke to business owner after business owner we heard the same complaints; cyber isn’t just complicated, it’s also expensive. Whatever we, the cyber security industry, were doing, when it came to small and medium enterprise we weren’t doing it well.

In the world of the military, this is called a second-order effect. As we got better at defending the large enterprises, we were leaving their small and medium counterparts behind – and in the military, we don’t leave anyone behind. We asked ourselves why it had to be so complicated and what made it so expensive – and then we set about designing a solution from the ground up to be simple and affordable for small and medium business.

We are Theia, and we are passionate about what we do.

The Birth of An Idea
The Birth of An Idea


It all started with a simple question – how can we make cyber simple without making it simplistic. It turned out that to answer this, we needed a lot of whiteboard space. And coffee.


Measure Twice

After designing it, we set about building both the system and the interface. We didn’t use quite so many whiteboards at this point but it turns out that we all had strong feelings about fonts.



Now building the full version which focuses on the most common cloud platforms like Google Workspace, Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, and dozens of others.