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The Theia Advantage

Theia is the only eXtended Detection & Response (XDR) system designed specifically for cloud-based small and medium enterprise, at a price point they can afford.

Meet Theia

SMBs face an impossible choice for cybersecurity – either pay full price for enterprise-grade solutions, or accept a diluted alternative that fails to meet their needs.

Convergence Systems are committed to providing solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of Small and Medium Businesses, at a price point they.

Theia is the only eXtended Detection & Response (XDR) system designed specifically for small and medium business, without the overwhelm or complexity. With one touch you can adopt industry best practice security settings across all of your cloud systems.

We understand that every hour you spend trawling through security settings is an hour better spent growing your business.

Detection & Analysis

Theia’s centralised platform for monitoring and analysing multisource data enables better detection of complex attacks to help identify threats that may otherwise go unnoticed.


Securing your cloud systems is a complex and time consuming task that requires specialist knowledge across multiple systems. Theia centralises everything into one platform – implement best practice with one click.

Informed Decisions

Theia alerts you to signs of unauthorised and suspicious activity across all of your systems with a simple and easy to understand explanation. Every detection comes with a remediation that we can implement for you at the touch of a button.


Theia was designed and built with small business in mind. Our cloud only architecture means we can provide the security small businesses need at a price that any small business can afford.

Cloud Readiness

The world has moved to cloud services and remote working – where traditional security products like firewalls and anti-virus fall short. Theia provides a new approach to cybersecurity for the cloud-native future of business.

How Theia Works

Insight In An Instant

See, at a glance, any security issues in your systems and then, at the touch of a button, implement our recommended remediation


Lock Down

Shields & Enforcements are where you take over. You can kick someone out of any system, change or scramble passwords, lock user accounts, and regain control once more.


By Application

At a glance, you'll be able to see which cloud apps you're using have associated issues (and their severity) so you can click-through to resolve them.


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The Theia Challenge


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A Federation of Small Businesses, Helping Protect Each Other

Theia ingests client system logs into a patented multi-tenant log aggregation and analysis environment specifically designed to detect potential security breaches in cloud systems.

In other words, we collate all the information from our customers IT systems to identify and respond to potential attacks. This means we can flag issues sooner, and respond faster.

When you join Convergence you join of a global community of business owners and administrators just like you.

We gather intelligence from all over the globe to keep up to date with the latest threats. Theia continuously adapts, learns and updates it’s understanding of good and bad activity based on what it sees in every system we protect. 

Our advanced algorithms monitor your systems around the clock to identify the early warning signs of bad activity.

When malicious activity is detected action can be taken immediately, from anywhere, and at the touch of one button.